Thursday, July 09, 2020


TABC Freshmen Unite at Shabbaton

TABC's Freshman Shabbaton was another wonderful opportunity for the ninth graders to continue to grow into a cohesive group, as they shared a Shabbat together with their rebbeim and senior mentors. The theme of the shabbaton was happiness, and the freshmen fittingly experienced the joy of a Shabbat together. Some pre and

WTA's Black and White Shomrei Torah Scholarship Event Supports Affordable Education

The pain of affordability in Jewish education is real. Many Jewish organizations including UJA, Avichai and others are grappling with how to make Jewish day schools affordable for the majority. But today, a great model of a sustainable learning institution exists in this community.

Westchester Torah

TABC Places First Among NJ Schools at YU Model UN

Last week, TABC competed in YU’s 26th annual Model UN conference with over 450 students from 45 other schools. The TABC delegation of 13, representing the countries of Iran and Japan, took home a total of three awards:

Avi Cooper ‘17 received Honorable Mention and Ezra

Ma’ayanot Students Excel at Model UN

Ten Ma’ayanot students–including Talia Kupferman ‘16, Ellie Blanchard ‘16, Leora Wolff ‘16, Racheli Zirman ‘16, Danielle Krim ‘17, Rinat Shely ‘17, Malka Kaminetzky ‘18, Shana Adler ‘16, Tamar Schwartz ‘16, Aleeza Berkowitz ‘17, Noa Berkowitz ‘19, Shalva Faber ‘18, Ayelet Marder ‘18, Abby Stiefel ‘16

Ma’ayanot Sophomores Extend Chesed to the Community

Ma’ayanot sophomores recently enjoyed a day of chesed activities. Half of the grade traveled to the Afya Foundation in Yonkers, New York, where they assisted in sorting and packing medical supplies that are delivered to local communities or foreign countries in need. The other half, joined by students who attend Sinai

RYNJ Students Say Amein

RYNJ is in the midst of a school-wide unit on brachot. All students are learning the correct brachot to make on certain foods. Morah Deena Katz of 3G4 taught her students the importance of making brachot as well as answering Amein. They celebrated with an Amein Party. The students had all sorts of foods before them, and when they

Westchester Torah Academy Launches Nutritional Initiative

Westchester Torah Academy has launched a nutritional initiative with the formation of the Va’ad Habriut, a health and nutrition committee. This program is being run by parents who have experience and interest in nutrition, with a focus on creating healthy projects that are intended to continually improve nutritional

Morah Jodi Equips RYNJ Preschoolers With Social Skills

RYNJ’s Preschool students learn a lot each day. Their days are filled with hands-on learning, a rich curriculum, multisensory experiences and play. While teaching Parsha, literacy, holidays, science and so much more, RYNJ puts emphasis on helping their youngest learners grow socially and emotionally. Led by the preschool

Kinneret Prepares for Next Visionary Step

Riverdale—Sometimes, a great leader knows when a crossroads has been reached.

Decades of building a nurturing path in education has brought that leader and his dreams to a place where it’s time to look ahead.

Asher Abramovitz, for over

Carmel Academy Names Jordan Soffer Rabbi- In-Residence

Greenwich—Carmel Academy has appointed Jordan Soffer as the school’s Rabbi-in-Residence.

Soffer, who will formally join Carmel Academy’s faculty in August, will enrich the Carmel community’s Jewish learning and living through new programming and classroom teaching. He will oversee the

Bi-Cultural Day School’s Cutting Edge Just Got Edgier

“Revolutionary advances sometimes come at a glacial pace, but not at Bi-Cultural Day School,” said Principal Mrs. Jacqueline Herman in discussing the school’s new MakerSpace Engineering Lab–one of the first of its kind in a New England elementary school.

“In this specially-equipped new space in

RYNJ Holds Metric Math Night

Can you estimate the weight of a bag of jelly beans, in grams? How about the volume of a gift box, in cubic centimeters? Can you guess how high you can jump, in meters? Or can you estimate how far you can throw a frisbee in centimeters? The third and fourth grade students at RYNJ and their guests can answer all of the

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