Saturday, December 14, 2019


Westchester Torah Academy (WTA) Taking Innovation to the Next Level

WTA was founded in partnership with Affordable Jewish EducationProject (AJE), whose mission is to improve the academic quality and affordability of Jewish day schools. Over the past three years, AJE has worked with WTA and other new and established Jewish day schools to pilot innovative educational approaches. Their educational model, which

MTA Outdoors Club Goes Kayaking

On September 11, the MTA Outdoors Club went kayaking on the Pompton and Passaic Rivers. The trip was arranged by YUHSB faculty advisor Mr. Murray Sragow, who also serves as Director of College Guidance and an instructor of history. Eleven MTA students, Mr. Sragow and faculty member Mr. Chayim Goldberg attended the trip.

Westchester Day Middle School Debuts STEM Program

Westchester Day School Middle School students will be piloting a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program and developing their engineering and technology skills in multiple ways this year. Project-based learning will be integrated into the sixth through eighth grade science

RYNJ Starts the Year Off Right

With the new school year off to a great start and in light of the nature of Tishrei, RYNJ orchestrated a meaningful initiative called Machsom l’Phone. RYNJ modeled Machsom l’Phone after the widely embraced concept of Machsom l’Fi translated as “seal for the mouth.” The objective of the campaign is to

‘Names, Not Numbers’ Kicks Off

“Names, Not Numbers ©,” a YUHSB is a 12th grade elective in which participants interview survivors of the Holocaust and compile the stories into a documentary film. The class has gotten off to an excellent start. The program had an inaugural meeting this past Thursday, featuring Head of School Rabbi Michael Taubes,

Carmel Academy Inspires Students With New Engineering Program

Carmel Academy has been chosen by The Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) to launch an innovative STEM engineering program designed specifically for middle school grades.

The new, yearlong course expands on Carmel Academy’s current STEM curriculum, integrating hands-on,

Parhi Family Leaves Lasting Legacy at Bi-Cultural

In the fast-paced school-environment, it is hard to imagine anything written in stone, but under the leadership of the Parhi family, Bi-Cultural has created an inspiring artistic display of four large-scale stone mosaic art pieces, with prayer and spirituality as their centerpiece.


WTA Opens School September 1

During the first week of September, as many families were enjoying (or enduring) their last week of summer vacation, Westchester Torah Academy opened its doors for the new school year.

“We made this decision because we thought it made sense,” said Rabbi Rami Strosberg, Head of School. “But

A Musical Erev Shabbos at Riverdale Y Summer Camp

Riverdale Y summer campers enjoy Shabbos candle lighting and kiddush with live music, on the parents’ visiting day at the Y’s newly renovated play deck.

Westchester Summer Day: What a Great Summer!

As another amazing summer of WSD comes to a close, the counselors reflected on a truly a memorable eight weeks. The final four days were no exception; color war hit grades K-6 on Monday and Tuesday and the children participated in special activities such as swim, gaga, knockout, relay races, newcomb and dodgeball. Whether wearing red,

Carmel Academy Receives Major Grant For Intergenerational Program

Carmel Academy is excited to announce that it has received a generous grant by the Better Together program that will promote intergenerational relationships between the school’s students and Greenwich seniors.

The grant will be used to establish a monthly book club, where Carmel Academy’s seventh

Carmel Academy Set To Open Transitional Kindergarten Program

Carmel Academy is expanding its early childhood division this September with a transitional kindergarten program. Early childhood educator Julie Thaler is returning to Carmel Academy to spearhead the new program as the lead teacher.

“We are thrilled to welcome back Julie Thaler to our faculty,” said

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