Monday, July 13, 2020


Westchester Day School Celebrates 68th Annual Dinner

Westchester Day School was proud to celebrate its 68th anniversary dinner last Saturday night at the Greentree Country Club in New Rochelle. The dinner applauded the involvement and commitment of parents Daphna and David Brainson, Robin and Steven Fried and Deborah and Jay Weinberger, as well as faculty

Carmel Academy E2K Team Wins Second Place in National STEM Competition

A team of Carmel Academy’s sixth grade students excitedly won second place in a national STEM competition for gifted math and science students. The challenging competition focused on series and probability problems, as well as geometry and algebra. The students participate in E2K, an enrichment program run by the Center for the

TABC Mock Trial and Debate Teams Start Strong

TABC's mock trial and debate teams are off to strong starts. The mock trial team is currently 3-0, after impressive wins against Paramus Catholic, Ramapo and Ma'ayanot. TABC assumed the role of prosecution for the first match and then the role of defense for the latter two. Meanwhile, the debate team captured the First Place Team

Carmel Academy’s Fifth Graders Explore Ancient Greece

Carmel Academy’s fifth graders just completed a unit exploring the rich history of ancient Greece. Dressed in togas, the students marked the culmination of the unit with a Greek Symposium, in which students shared their learning and creativity. Topics ranged from the legal system to medicine, theater and sports. Working

RYNJ Students Color Friendship

In conjunction with RYNJ's second grade unit about Martin Luther King Jr., the second grade boys classes read the poem, “A Box Of Crayons” by Shane DeRolf.

After each class read the poem, they discussed how it related to what they had read and learned about Martin Luther King Jr. This led to

Rabbi Aaron Frank to Join Kinneret Day School as Head of School

Rabbi Aaron Frank, the current associate principal of SAR High School, has accepted a position as head of school at Kinneret Day School in Riverdale. The hiring of Rabbi Frank appears to represent a major step for the school as it seeks to attract a broader student body from the local Bronx Jewish community. This newly-created

Bi-Cultural Students Unite to Honor Ezra Schwartz H"YD

Bi-Cultural Day School grieved as a community following the tragic news of the murder of Ezra Schwartz, an 18-year-old American student working as a volunteer in Israel when he died in a terrorist attack on November 19. In his memory, Bi-Cultural students joined together on December 21 to mark the end of the

Technology and Torah: It’s Bashert!

Manhattan Day School Uses Technology to Engage Students in Jewish Studies Classes

Learning Torah and other Jewish studies subjects is no longer limited to flipping the pages of a well-worn Chumash. These days, apps, podcasts and video chats

Waves of Wi-Fi, Meet Walls of Ivy

Westchester Day Integrates New Waves of STEM and Educational Technology Initiatives Into Curriculum

Westchester Day School has always been known for its strong science and mathematics programs, but this year it is raising the bar by introducing several new STEM

Frisch Students Become Friendship Circle Camp Counselors

Last week, while public schools had no sessions, Frisch students ran a Friendship Circle camp for families with children with special needs, many of whom attend public schools. This offered the families a safe, fun and meaningful childcare option during the school winter break.


TABC Students Embark on Odyssey

Mrs. Miller's ninth grade English class at TABC recently completed an interactive group project.

Each group received a book of Homer's Odyssey and an iPad. They created graphic novels based on their assigned book using the app BookCreator. Students employed drawing, animation, and photography to

RYNJ Spelling Bee Goes Live

Coffee, normally a vital part of our daily routines, was also the winning word in the annual RYNJ Lower School Spelling Bee.

As the RYNJ fourth and fifth graders filled the room, student-made banners, signs and posters popped up, cheering on classmates who had advanced to the final round. The

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