Monday, September 25, 2017


Stein Yeshiva Early Childhood Celebrates Completion of Sefer Bereishit

Mazel tov to the entire early childhood department at Stein Yeshiva on the completion of Sefer Bereishit and beginning of Sefer Shemot. The children celebrated with an early childhood-wide assembly where each child had the opportunity to “read” from the Torah. The children were so excited to see inside an

Westchester Day School Hosts Day of Dialogue

On Sunday, January 22, Westchester Day School hosted a Day of Dialogue to promote and practice respectful discourse, primarily among individuals and groups that may differ in significant ways. Westchester Day School was joined by the Larchmont Temple, Westchester Jewish Center, Sulam Yaakov and Chabad of Larchmont/Mamaroneck. Rabbis Jeffrey

WDS Commemorates MLK Jr. Day With Day of Service

For the sixth year in a row, Westchester Day School commemorated Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a family day of service rooted in community service projects to benefit the local Westchester community. In advance of MLK Day, Westchester Day School collected food and clothing to be donated to the Larchmont Mamaroneck Hunger Task

TABC Students Partake in Time Honored Tradition

The Gemara in Eruvin 54b relates that Rav Preida would always review with one of his students 400 times and once had gone over the material 800 times until the student understood. Yeshivot have always appreciated the vital importance of chazara as a way to be koneh Torah. As the zman ended TABC talmidim were engaged in

MTA’s Model UN Takes On the Actual UN

As lunch began on Tuesday, January 3, Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) students from the Model UN team boarded a bus and headed down to the United Nations headquarters. With little traffic, the group of students arrived downtown earlier than expected, affording them time to stop in at the British and Venezuelan

Breuers Seventh Grade Boys Go Snow Tubing

The boys in Rabbi Grunebaum’s seventh grade class at Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch/Breuers Washington Heights enjoyed a well deserved snow tubing trip.

Making Our Private School Bubbles Broader Public Squares

Editor’s Note: This week we welcome the first in what we know will be a wonderful series of chinuch articles, contributed by the heads of school at our community institutions.

I have often heard from teachers, students and parents that Jewish day school is a “bubble.” On the one

WDS Celebrates 69 Years

Westchester Day School was proud to celebrate its 69th anniversary dinner on Saturday night, January 7, at the Greentree Country Club in New Rochelle. The dinner’s theme, mi dor l’dor (from generation to generation) applauded the involvement and commitment of alumni parents Rinat and Rafi

Carmel Academy Fifth Graders Lead a Greek Symposium

Wearing Greek togas and laurel head wreaths, Carmel Academy’s fifth graders took their parents back in time to Ancient Greece as they led an exciting Greek symposium.

The symposium was the culmination of the students’ integrated study of ancient Greek civilization—a time period

Van Saun Park Zookeepers Visit RYNJ

This past week fourth grade students had a special visit from staff members of the Van Saun Park Zoo in Paramus. The zookeepers taught the students about invertebrates and vertebrates, and how to classify different animals. All of the students were very excited to meet some of the animals the keepers brought in.

STEM Programming at MTA Leads the Way

With the increasing importance of computer science and engineering, Yeshiva University High School for Boys continues to update its educational programming to best equip its students for the rapidly changing workforce and the changing times. As Dr. Seth Taylor, principal for General Studies explained, “STEM education

Eight MTA Students Admitted to YU Early Decision

Congratulations to the eight Yeshiva University High School for Boys (MTA) students who were admitted to the Honors Programs at Yeshiva University during the Early Decision period. These students, by applying Early Decision, have committed themselves to attending YU even though they have the capability to be admitted to many Ivy

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