Monday, June 01, 2020

There are three ways to know where you are going when you swim in the open water:

1. Follow the Bubbles

Swim “on the heels” of someone who is going at your pace. Their propulsion will create bubbles. The only danger of this approach is if you are following the triathlon equivalent of the town drunk: The swimmer who can’t swim straight if he was following a tow cable below the water’s surface. (You have seen this supposed “town drunk?”) Yeah, Ironman Lake Placid, 2017. We were like three blind mice. The blind leading the blind.

2. The Tarzan Swim aka the Lifeguard Approach Stroke

(Tarzan Swim?) Johnny Weismuller aka Tarzan of the Apes

(Who?) Olympic gold him.

If you need to see where you are going, this is the best way to get a clear shot of what is ahead of you. (So why not swim this way?)

a. You try swimming with your head out of the water. You won’t get far, trust me.

b. This position creates the most resistance…(And resistance is...bad). Haven’t you been listening? The goal is to exit the water as quickly as possible. The most efficient way to get from the Rock to the shore is to be a canoe, not a raft. You want to slice through the water creating the least amount of resistance as you can.

3. Sneak a Peak

Focus on a landmark and every four strokes tilt you head as you breathe to see where the marker is. In this race, the current is so strong, that you hand a left & swim straight to shore

(Is that where you bike is waiting for you?)

No, my bike is 1.5 miles downstream, but by banking hard left, I will be pulled down stream to my bike.

Remember, theses are shark infested waters.

You don’t have to outswim the sharks.. (You just have to outswim the person next to you.)

You are learning. (I tri) I see what you did there.

 By David Roher

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