Friday, March 22, 2019

MTA JV Lions. (Credit: Mayer Sabo)

What a night! The MTA-TABC doubleheader on Motzei Shabbat, December 22 started off with the JV game at the Max. Sophomore Tani Engel tipped off the ball to freshman Dani Wolk who passed it to sophomore Yosef Zakon, who lasered it to sophomore Azi Goldberg for the quick and easy layup. Between playing amazing defense and hitting shots, MTA went on an early 10-0 run. Throughout the season, TABC was known as an unbeatable team. Until MTA showed up. Freshman Shua Alexander stepped up and played lockdown defense on Zevi Samet, who is known to be TABC’s best player. At the half, MTA kept putting up point after point, while getting key rebounds. Towards the beginning of the fourth quarter, Goldberg, Engel and Wolk, pulled in offensive rebounds which led to many second chance points. The game wound down after huge free throws by Zakon and Goldberg and a three from Alexander. The bench then went in to the game to seal it off. With a final score of 45-33, the MTA Lions JV basketball team were victorious.

By Donny Book (‘22) 


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