Tuesday, July 16, 2019

I finished Ironman Lake Placid 19 months ago.

What do you suppose my first thought was?

(I want to sit down?)


(I really need to take a shower?)

Maybe my second thought

(I’m never doing this again?)

Actually, quite the opposite.


My first thought was, “I need to sign up right away to do this race again.”

(What do you mean by the word “need”?)

There were mistakes that I HAD to correct.

(Hold my place while I make some popcorn.  There’s an alternate reality series going on inside your head and I’ve got a front row seat.)

Each section of the race: swim, bike and run had mistakes that needed to be corrected.

(But isn’t the mantra of Ironman anything is possible on race day?)

That didn’t matter. All that mattered was that my swim was too slow.

(2.4 miles in one hour 26 minutes is too slow?) Then my my gears did not work properly causing my ride to be slower.

(Slower than what? You covered 112 miles in eight hours.)

My lower back muscles seized on the run which became a walk, so that was slower.

So instead of getting my goal of breaking 15 hours 30 minutes, it took me 16 hours and two  minutes.

(But you finished.)

That doesn’t matter.

(You did this incredible thing that few people can say that they’ve achieved but you’re not happy?)

No, because I have to go back and do this again...and that was the moment where I realized it was time to step back.

With five Ironman finishes under my belt I decided it was time to walk away from it.

(You are hanging up your sneakers for good?)

No, I’m just gonna focus on short course racing.

(In 2018, you did a half Ironman a month, for three months followed by back-to-back marathons the week after. You call that short course?)

Yes...the point is I’ve decided that I’m good with five finishes.

(So, is this your last submission?)

Nah...there’s always another Roher adventure on the horizon. Besides, there are uglier people to be mistaken for than Tony Stark.

By David Roher 



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