Tuesday, July 07, 2020


(JNS) The Joint Arab List called on Israel’s attorney general to open an official investigation into the hospitalization of a terror suspect who was admitted to the hospital in critical condition after being interrogated by Israeli security officials.

Samer Arbid, 44, is the alleged ringleader of the terrorist cell accused of killing 17-year-old Israeli Rina Shnerb and seriously wounding her father and brother in a bombing in Samaria in August. He was arrested last month together with two other PFLP members, but released due to a lack of evidence. He was taken into custody again last Wednesday.

He was hospitalized Saturday after being interrogated by Israel’s Shin Bet security service. The circumstances and details of his condition were not publicized, except that his hospitalization was heart-related.

A security source told Israeli reporters on Saturday that after Arbid was taken in for the second time, the Shin Bet was given legal permission to employ “extraordinary measures” in its interrogation of him. Such measures can include beatings, being forced into uncomfortable positions, sleep deprivation, handcuffing and the use of extreme temperatures.

The Justice Ministry has already launched an investigation into the incident.


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