Sunday, January 20, 2019


Southern Israel’s Residents Protest Security Situation, Ceasefire With Hamas

(Israel Hayom/JNS) The ceasefire brokered by Egypt on Tuesday between Israel and Hamas has angered Israelis living near the Gaza border, who say they have been abandoned by the

Upsurge in Anti-Semitic Crimes in America in 2017

(JNS) The United States saw a significant upsurge in anti-Semitic crimes last year, and accounted for more than half of all religion-based hate crimes.

State Department to Reward Up to $5 Million for Key Hamas, Hezbollah Leaders

(JNS) The U.S. Department of State has announced rewards of up to $5 million each for information or identification leading to the capture of the following terrorist figures: Hamas

69 Groups: US Education Department Must Guarantee Tax Dollars Won’t Go to BDS

(JNS) In a letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, 69 organizations asked

In the Works: Jerusalem Cable Car to Transport Throngs of Tourists to Old City

The Old City of Jerusalem may be a fabulous site to visit, but anyone who has tried getting there with ease has likely failed miserably. And that’s because there is no truly convenient way for most people to reach the area without a great deal of walking or expenditure on a private cab.

Add in the

State Department: Latest Attacks From Gaza Make Peace Plan ‘More Urgent’

(JNS) Despite the latest barrage of rockets being launched by Hamas against Israel, the State Department said that it should not affect the highly anticipated rollout of the peace

Miriam Gutfreund Is Immersed in the Learning at MMY

Miriam Gutfreund is studying at Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim (MMY) in Jerusalem. She was born in Israel, where she lived until she was 12 years old, then moved to Waterbury. She attended Yeshiva Ketana of Waterbury for elementary school, and Beth Chana Academy for high school.

Her next stop? 

Sherut Le’umi, or

Mak’s Bake Shop Goes Above and Beyond for Its Customers

My son is currently studying at a yeshiva in Jerusalem. Like many young men and women at the start of their gap years, he often complained about the food. I did not pay too much attention at first, thinking he just needed to get used to institutional fare, until I saw a photo of him and some friends on a tiyul. OMG! He’s

Votes Are In for Municipal Elections, Jerusalem Readies for a Nov. 13 Showdown

(JNS) Israelis woke on Wednesday morning to the tallies of municipal elections conducted across the country on Tuesday, which

Entire Israeli Family Dies in Horrific Dead Sea Car Crash

 (JNS) A horrific car crash near the Dead Sea on Tuesday claimed the lives of a couple and all six of their

PLO Votes to Terminate Recognition of Israel, Halt All Security Cooperation

(JNS) The Palestine Liberation Organization Central Council called for the Palestinian Authority to halt all security

President-Elect of Brazil Plans to Close Palestinian Embassy

(JNS) In addition to moving his country’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro plans to shut down the Palestinian embassy in

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