Monday, February 24, 2020


Emergency-Response Units Near Gaza Receive 100s of Protective Vests

(JNS) Amid more than 150 rockets being fired from Gaza into Israel, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has launched an operation to distribute hundreds

Israel Faces Rocket Firestorm

As many as 150 rockets were launched at Israeli civilian areas by Palestinian terrorists from the Gaza Strip this week, following Israel’s assassination of senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) commander Baha Abu al-Ata early Tuesday morning. 

Al-Ata was reportedly behind most of the Gazan

Haley: Sanders’ Vow to Divert US Aid Money From Israel to Gaza Is ‘Unreal’


Belgium’s First Female Prime Minister Is Also Jewish


Three Major World Religions Formally Oppose ‘Mercy Killing’


Trump Declares al-Baghdadi’s ‘No. 1 Replacement’ Also Dead


Mnuchin Promises New US Sanctions, Part of ‘Maximum Pressure’ Campaign on Iran


Leo and Susan Noé Dedicate Israel’s Largest Special Ed School and Rehab Center

 ALEH residents with severe complex disabilities and Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks join extended Noé family for sefer Torah inauguration and dedication of ALEH’s ‘Bet Chayil’ center, a game changer for disability care in Israel.

(Courtesy of ALEH)

What’s Next for Hezbollah?

The mass protests in Lebanon and Iraq have thrown Iran and in particular Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah off balance, even to the point of alarm, but ultimately are not likely to have a lasting effect.

Saturday saw

Israeli Election Outcome Still Uncertain

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met this week with leaders of parties from the right-wing bloc to discuss the future of negotiations to form a unity government after talks with Blue and White went south, with the center-left list pulling out of a recent scheduled meeting to, in its officials’ own words, “weaken”

Report: Israel Letting in More Gaza Workers as Part Of Deal With Hamas


Israeli Startups Raise Over $1 Billion in September


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