Monday, October 23, 2017

Honoree Rabbi Shimon Schenker receivesFaculty Award from Rabbi Joshua Kahn

Honorees Silvia and Abraham Borensteinreceive YUHSG Parents of the Year Awardfrom Mrs. CB Neugroschl

Honorees Jacqueline and Dov Borgen receive YUHSB Parents of the Year Award from Rabbi Joshua Kahn

Honorees Alan, David, and Alex Goldbergreceive YUHS Legacy Award from RabbiMoshe Hecht

Mrs. CB Neugroschl and Rabbi Tiechtel

Yeshiva University High Schools (YUHS) celebrated their school community at the annual dinner on February 28 at Marina del Rey. The room was electric with excitement as over 500 people filled the banquet hall, admiring the photos of students surrounding the room. The theme of the evening, “Building Foundations, Building a Family, Building a Future,” brought the audience on a journey from the roots of YUHS to the dynamic present and a glimpse into what the future holds for the schools.

The theme was reflected in the contributions of all the dinner honorees—Alan ’72 YUHS, David ’06 YUHS, and Alex ’10 YUHS Goldberg (YUHS Legacy Award), Silvia and Abraham Borenstein (YUHSG Parents of the Year), Jacqueline and Dov ’88 YUHS Borgen (YUHSB Parents of the Year), Rabbi Shlomo Tiechtel (Ethel Dworetsky Morrow Faculty Award, YUHSG), Rabbi Shimon Schenker (Faculty Award, YUHSB), and Nathan Lewin ’53 YUHS (Centennial Leadership Award).

As noted by Mrs. CB Neugroschl, head of school at the Samuel H. Wang Yeshiva University High School for Girls (Central), “Our annual dinner is such an incredible celebration of our school community—the feeling in the room pulsates with hakarat hatov and school pride. Being able to celebrate what we stand for and do every day at Central together with our honorees, distinguished community leaders, educators and rabbanim, parents, alumnae and students reminds us how fortunate we are to be working together to educate the next generation of klal Yisrael.”

Following a delicious buffet dinner, attendees enjoyed a beautiful video program highlighting each of the honorees and how they represented the theme of the evening.

The presentation began with the foundations of the school—how the roots are entrenched in Torah learning and how this foundation permeates the lives of all students who attended. As said by student Chaim Weinstein in the video, “You take what you learn during the day and use it in every other part of your life.”

The video continued to describe the family aspect of the school and the incredible atmosphere of YUHS, and ended on a high note with the future of the school. YUHS school leaders and faculty are meeting the rapid changes in technology and 21st-century learning head on, making strides in STEM education, offering courses and clubs focused on architectural and scientific engineering, and challenging students to be creative, innovative thinkers.

The representation of hundreds of attendees—parents, alumni, students, faculty and friends—at the dinner serves as a testament to the vital, growing, committed community of YUHS. A deep sense of school spirit and pride permeated the room that evening.

“Our dinner was a real tribute to everyone who makes the Yeshiva University High Schools special,” concluded YUHSB Head of School Rabbi Joshua Kahn. “Our parents of the year reflect the values of our high schools—a commitment to chesed, communal involvement and nurturing the religious growth of each high school student. Our faculty honorees represent the talented, committed and creative team who works hard every day and night to provide an excellent experience for our students. Lastly, our legacy honorees reflect the rich tradition at our high schools. The Goldberg family represents multiple generations of a family who has been powerfully impacted by and then impacted the high schools.”

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