Monday, September 25, 2017

On Friday, April 28, Westchester Day School seventh grade students visited the “Mazon: This Is Hunger“ community engagement program. This digital interactive museum exhibit, on national tour, was in Mamaroneck for just a few days and WDS seventh graders were lucky to have had the opportunity to visit the exhibit. This brilliantly designed program is built into the back of 53 foot trucks and includes numerous digital interactive stories and visuals to help the participant understand the severity of the problem of hunger in this country. Students were challenged to prepare a healthy meal, representing five different food groups for under $1.40. Students walked away understanding the problems of hunger in this country, appreciating their own good fortune and contemplating how they can help be part of a solution for a better future for the 44 million Americans who suffer from hunger in this country. This will be a program the students never forget.

Aviva Lehman said, “I was shocked to learn that people receiving food stamps have to make meals with only a $1.40 budget per meal. That is so hard to do and I find that so sad.”

Rabbi Stephen Knapp, WDS assistant principal of the middle school said, “This was a very impressive and important learning experience. The unique design, compelling presentation and shocking information about the problem of hunger in this country make this event one that will be unforgettable in the minds of the students. A very important and empowering experience.”

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