Monday, October 23, 2017


YU Grad Rabbi Yonatan Frankel Develops Smarthome Technology

When Rabbi Yonatan Frankel did construction on his house in Philadelphia, he looked at the open walls as a chance to see what could be done. The father of three wanted to add an intercom system. Frankel was disappointed to learn that the technology available for an intercom is the same clunky, wired system that

Josh Meier Builds TaxiLater for Uber

Teaneck/Boston—Growing up with popular local obstetricians as his father and sister, Josh Meier, 20, was born with science in his blood. From early on in his academic career, science and technology fascinated him, and he threw himself into it, winning awards, gaining recognition, earning grants and making a name for

A Different Kind of Matchmaker

As the song goes, “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.” In “Fiddler on the Roof,” Tzeitel may have been singing about marriage, but today one could also be speaking about computers. Mordechai Luchins, a Teaneck resident, has made “matching” restored laptops and other machines with needy recipients his personal

UnGarbled-Tech. Let There be Lights

When I started to write UnGarbled-Tech, I assumed I knew all the items I thought I would write about. Light bulbs were not on that list.

In my last column I wrote about IoT—Internet of Things—items in your home that you will connect to the Internet so you can control them remotely.

Technion Prints Parts for Space Industry with Advanced 3D Metal Printer

(Jerusalem Post) Haifa’s Technion-Israel Institute of Technology has installed a million-dollar 3D printer for printing out metal products such as titanium parts for the space industry, dental crowns and implants, bone replacements and more. The printer melts metal powder with electron beams and forms it into a customized solid. The

Smartphone to Sniff Out Cancer

Can your smartphone screen your breath to detect cancer? That could happen someday soon, if the Sniff-Phone project from Israel comes to fruition.

The Sniff-Phone is the latest low-cost nanotech diagnostic tool proposed by Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

“No Phone Beyond”

Week to week most IT columnists browse tech websites and talk to IT professionals looking for the most updated and current technologies to write about. This year my family was blessed to have a client fly us to California (thank God for points/miles). After some meetings with the client—traffic for an hour each way, smog, and

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