Thursday, September 21, 2017


Cracking the Code at Bi-Cultural

Ed Miranti, a middle-school math teacher at Bi-Cultural Day School, started the year off with a bang, and some code. Since the beginning of the school year, Miranti has been integrating coding—designing and writing computer programming source code—into his sixth-grade math curriculum. He created a set of unit projects meant to

Bi-Cultural Day School Awarded Jewish Innovation Prize

Out of 62 schools, Bi-Cultural Day School emerged as one of two winners of the 2015 Jewish Education Innovation Challenge, and received a $50,000 grant. The Jewish Education Innovation Challenge is a yearlong process, in which schools were evaluated on the basis of disrupting complacency within Jewish education and exhibiting

Stein Yeshiva Celebrates

It was an amazing week at Stein Yeshiva as the children celebrated the end of the year with their graduation parties.

The Threes celebrated how they have grown over the year. Each child took home a portfolio of documentations of their work, complete with art

SAR HS Students Hear from Notable Author and Emmy Award Historian

SAR High School students participated in a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience in early May, when they heard from Pulitzer Prize-winning author David McCollough who recently authored a new book, The Wright Brothers, and from Ken Burns, a noteworthy historical documentarian, whose films have won thirteen Emmy Awards and two Oscar

SAR Staff Celebrates Siyum Tanach With Entire School

SAR’s third annual siyum tanach was held on the day before Shavuot, wherein the entire school gathered on the stairs with over 150 of SAR’s faculty in all disciplines. The siyum tanach was undertaken in the merit of a full refuah shleimah for a staff member. Rabbi Binyamin Krauss addressed the students and faculty,

SAR High School Students Play Diplomat for a Day

After a year of preparation under the leadership of Harriet Mandel, thirty SAR high school students had a unique opportunity to be diplomats. On May 19, the Future Global Diplomats Club had an action-packed day, meeting with notable leaders and visiting the United Nations.

The day

Art Discovery at Stein Yeshiva

Hashem created for us a beautiful world full of colors, shapes, and textures to explore. At no time is that exploration more exciting than in the early childhood years when everything is so fresh and wondrous. For young children, creating art helps the child to exteriorize their knowledge and offers valuable opportunities for

WDS Eighth Grade Visits Museum of Jewish History

On Yom Yerushalayim, Monday May 18, Westchester Day School eighth graders turned the Castle Shul into a living museum of Jewish history. This project was the culmination of a year-long study of the timeline of Jewish history under the instruction of eighth grade Hebrew teacher Morah Ronit Korenblit. This museum focused on

Carmel Academy Students Launch #TikkuNepal Campaign to Help Earthquake Victims

Carmel Academy has rallied to raise funds for the earthquake-ravaged country of Nepal. Immediately following the first earthquake in late April, Carmel’s students launched #TikkuNepal, a fundraising and awareness initiative that has sparked the involvement of the entire school community.

SAR: Offering More Than Just Academic Studies

Along with its glass walls, no doors and open door policy, SAR offers another unique and interesting option to its students: Senior Exploration.

At the beginning of the second semester of the senior year, all students are assigned a Senior Exploration guidance counselor who helps them embark on a

The Shabbat Valedictorian: SAR’s Don Greenberg at Binghamton

When Jewish high school juniors start compiling their college lists, one of the schools that often makes an appearance is Binghamton University. Boasting a population that many say is “30% Jewish” (high by college standards), it is considered to be a solid choice for students from public schools, Jewish day schools, and

Westchester Day School Hosts Invention Convention

Westchester Day School recently hosted its biennial Invention Convention, in which middle school students showed off their homemade inventions. Students, in conjunction with their science classes, identified a problem and then designed their solutions—the inventions—as either digital apps or physical

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