Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Election Reflections Shared With Excitement, Gratitude and Admiration

Another election cycle has drawn to a close and the American people have chosen Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States. Many voters, of divergent political leanings, have expressed gratitude that the months of campaigning have finally wrapped up. Yet I am grateful for something else, and it’s meaningful to me

J Street Is Getting It Wrong

Once again, J Street is getting it wrong.

The group, according to the website Politico, is circulating a memo among members of the Democratic Party’s drafting committee calling for a “balanced position” that includes recognizing Palestinian claims to Eastern Jerusalem.

Jewish Organizations Need to Step Up

Dear Editor,

Where are the organizations who are supposed to help, protect and advance Jewish interests and values during this time of continual attacks in college and institutional settings? Attacks are occurring throughout the United States from coast to coast. Little is being

Letters to the Editor

Join PORAT at Its Inaugural Event

My grandfather, Menahem Nahum of Chernobyl, was one of the youngest students of the Baal Shem Tov. As an itinerant preacher in the 18th century he espoused a philosophy of tolerance and acceptance. For the Jews of the Ukraine who were searching for

Survivor Shares His Holocaust Story With Local Children

Alton Adler of Fort Lee, New Jersey, father of Risa Lefkowitz, a media sales representative for The Jewish Link of New Jersey, shows his tattoo from Birkenau, B14730, to a group of engrossed youngsters who met him by chance just prior to Yom Hashoah. Adler shared the saga of his deportation, shortly after his Bar Mitzvah, from

Letter to the Editor

ARCC to Launch Survey,

Not Testing, on BRCA Gene

Regarding the Jewish Link article, “ARCC and Columbia Medical Center Launch Testing for the Breast Cancer Gene” (March 31, 2016), we were so pleased to be able, through the

Letters to the Editor

Thanksgiving and

Giving Thanks

Recently, I heard someone say: “Thanksgiving? It’s not my religion.” It isn’t? Since when is “giving thanks” not part of every religion? Don’t we say Tov lehodot l’Hashem (It is good to

Letters to the Editor

The Hard Left’s

Only Sin Is Dissent

Among other things, the piece reinforces a thought that occurred to me after Yom Kippur, that for the hard left, there is only one sin: dissenting from the hard left’s policies and program.

Letters to the Editor

Classic ‘Straw Man’ Attack on Rav Willig

I am writing to object, on both Jewish and journalistic grounds, to the Jewish Link’s publication of Shira Hecht and Aaron Koller’s essay, “New Circumstances Demand New Halachic Views: A Response to Rabbi Mordechai Willig”

The Smell of Cucumbers

It takes something mighty big in order to get an American to uproot themselves from their native land and immigrate to a foreign country with a different language and culture. For a small number of Jews from America, that something big is the positive attraction of living in a Jewish state with a Jewish-majority culture (thankfully,

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

In response to the article “Rabbis’ Take on the Tuition Crisis: How You Can Help,” I applaud Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern and Rabbi Shmuel Marcus on their very timely article concerning the current tuition crisis.  Parents attending the local schools cannot be relied on to be the only funding for

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Rabbi Gil Student is correct in his evaluation of the “Kosher Switch” according to mainstream Orthodox Rabbis. The two very questionable claims promulgated by the Kosher Switch marketing literature are: (1) that the design improves on the earlier designs of grama switches in a

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