Monday, October 23, 2017


The Unanticipated Boomerang: Al Tashlich Moreinu L’eit Zikna

During the 16 years I lived in Florida, I saw 80-year-olds who played tennis weekly, an 85-year-old who actively owned three Walgreens, and an 88-year-old who supervised the construction of an 80,000-square-foot school building on a daily basis. Due to great strides in medicine,

What a Year!

It was a year of first names. Indeed, there was Donald, Nikki and, sadly, even Harvey and Irma.

Certainly, much happened in the Hebrew year 5777. We think it’s probably safe to

Five Steps to a Winning College Application

Many seniors will soon be knee-deep in the college application process. As a former admissions officer and longtime college consultant, I have learned that getting into your first-choice college is not only about grades, scores and extracurricular activities, but also about how you manage the

OHEL Holds Bais Ezra Shabbat to Remember in Baltimore

On September 8-10, the men from OHEL’s E10 residence went to Baltimore, Maryland for what has become an Annual OHEL Ezra Shabbaton thanks to the Bondar family of Baltimore who are parents to Rafi Bondar, an OHEL Bais Ezra resident in New York. This Shabbaton provides a wonderful opportunity

Tips for Nursing Mothers on Yom Kippur

(Courtesy of Puah) “Pregnant and nursing mothers must fast the entire fast on Yom Kippur” (Shulchan Aruch. Orach Chaim

Choosing Courage Over Comfort

A year after I got cancer, my friend was diagnosed, and my son, who was 6 at the time, asked me “Mom, did you give it to her?” I said “No Josh, I didn’t.”

It was 10 years ago that I found myself in a

Remembering NYS Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz

On Shabbat Parshat Ki Tezte, 11 Elul 5777, September 2, 2017, the Jewish community lost a true champion. New York State Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz personified what it means to be a community advocate. The media coverage, both secular and Jewish, of his untimely and tragic passing

TOM Makeathon Reflects Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

This coming December, our high school will host a Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) Makeathon. As a capstone to their four-year experience in our engineering and entrepreneurship (E2) program, our seniors will utilize the skills they have developed in

Rabbi Yehuda Amital Brings Torah Closer for the Holidays

Reviewing “When God Is Near: On the High Holidays” by Rabbi Yehuda Amital, edited by Yoel Amital, translated by Kaeren Fish. Maggid Books, Yeshivat Har Etzion. Hardcover, 306 pages, 2015.  ISBN-10: 1592644376.

HIR-The Bayit Holds 9/11 Chesed Day

A Virtual Helping Hand for a Better Future

(Courtesy of AMIT) Israel—Studying for the bagrut exams is a rite of passage for most Israeli teens, as they know it will pave the way for their

Debra Shaffer Seeman Joins Ayeka to Support Day School Initiative Program will be funded by AVI CHAI, Kohelet and Mayberg Foundations.

(Courtesy of Ayeka) Jerusalem—Ayeka: The Center for Soulful Education announced that leading Jewish educator Debra Shaffer Seeman will join Ayeka as an

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