Thursday, October 19, 2017


ITIM Kicks Off at SAR High School

This week, SAR High School kicked off its after-school learning program, ITIM. Over 100 students attended the first session of the weekly program that studies modern-day responsa literature. Pictured is Rabbi Shmuel Hain discussing the life and impact of Rav Ovadia

Bi-Cultural Creates a Unique ‘Junior Makerspace’ for Preschoolers

Since it was unveiled in February 2016, the Makerspace lab at Bi-Cultural Day School has become a breeding ground for student creativity; a place where budding young inventors in first through eighth grades can bring their imaginative, innovative ideas to life.

Bi-Cultural Welcomes Preschoolers

The Bi-Cultural Day School pre-k and kindergarten orientation was held on Monday, August 28. Teacher Nicole Makovsky gave a preview of the exciting year ahead to the young students and their parents.



Returning Students Get the Royal Treatment at Bi-Cultural

In keeping with a Bi-Cultural Day School annual tradition, eighth-graders lined up at the entrance to the Stamford school to greet students on the first day of school. Among those getting the “red carpet” treatment was first grader Ella Notik, accompanied by her dad, Joseph

RYNJ Hosts Middle School Opening Event

RYNJ was thrilled to host Rabbi Tani Prero, who successfully runs team building events throughout the country, at their middle school. Along with RYNJ staff, Prero led exciting and challenging team building exercises with middle school students.


TABC Students Reunite at Welcome Back Shabbaton

TABC’s talmidim reunited with one another on the Welcome Back Shabbaton for sophomores, juniors and seniors. The seniors went up to the Camp Kaylie grounds on Thursday for some extra bonding time. On Friday, all the grades were afforded the choices of paintballing,

Bi-Cultural Welcomes Israeli Shlichim

The love of Israel will once again envelop the campus of Bi-Cultural Day School this fall, thanks in large part to the arrival of a new group of Israeli emissaries. As they do every year, the shlichim and Bnot Sherut will bring the beauty of the Jewish state and a pride in our

Bi-Cultural Enjoys a Barnyard Bash

Bi-Cultural Day School in Stamford celebrated the end of summer with a “Barnyard Bash” for young Jewish families. The annual outdoor event was held Sunday, August 27, on the sprawling campus of the Stamford school.


Carmel Academy’s Nora Anderson Urges Graduates to Embrace Optimism and a Growth Mindset

Carmel Academy graduated its Class of 2017 on June 14th, celebrating the school’s 12th commencement exercises. The student-designed graduation ceremony centered around the theme, “Our Carmel Experience” as the school’s 26 graduates poignantly reflected upon what they learned at Carmel,

Carmel Academy Appoints Jonathan Malkin New Board President

Carmel Academy has announced the selection of a new president by its Board of Trustees.

Jonathan Malkin, a Stamford resident and business owner, Carmel

Westchester Day School Has ‘Fun’ With Words

When you walk into a Westchester Day School first grade classroom, you might hear students happily “echoing” their teacher and classroom mascot, an owl named “Baby Echo.” Building on our successful inaugural year in 2016-17, WDS is continuing to embed Fundations into our balanced literacy

Vaccines Are Beautiful … But Can They Knock Out Prostate Cancer?

“The Holy One, Blessed be He, gives the refuah (remedy) before the makka (disease),” our Jewish

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